Rainbow Bridge project plan unveiled   

 Sault residents will soon have a dedicated place along the Hub Trail to honor beloved pets who have passed on. 

City staff’s plan for the Rainbow Bridge project was unveiled at Monday night’s meeting.

A 10-foot wide by four-foot high rainbow arch, anchored in a concrete platform, will be located at the western end of a bridge that crosses the river in the Fort Creek Conservation Area.

The arch will have wire mesh whereupon the public can attach their pet tags, with a lock. A bench will also be installed near the arch and a standing sign will contain a poem, The Rainbow Bridge, by Edna Clyne-Rekhy.

Ward 3 Coun. Angela Caputo, who proposed the idea to council last July, called Rainbow Bridge a win for the community at a time when it could use one. Her idea was inspired by the passing of her brother’s dog, Rader, last summer.

“I know it’s just a small thing,” said Caputo, “but I think it’s a win. I want to thank Mr. Tonazzo (City Planning Director, Peter Tonazzo) and his group in planning, for all the work they did on this. They really took the option I brought forward and gave it even a better life than I had in my brain. I’m looking forward to people being able to use this to memorialize their pets, as a new asset to the Hub Trail.”

Total cost of the project is $18,000. Installation is expected to begin this summer and be completed by fall.

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge project plan unveiled   

  1. Squandering more money that the city cannot afford to do, yet it continues, on the least needed things and problems, while many continue to suffer and do without.

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