Former Councillor Passes Away

Joan Desjardins became a very well known person in Sault Ste. Marie when she won her seat in Ward 6 for the 1985 Municipal election. She represented that ward for two terms. Known for her assortment of hats, Desjardins spoke her mind on several issues and politics was one of them.

Desjardins died in Sault Ste. Marie recently, that was announced by her family Monday .

Desjardins’ win in 1985 was with some controversy. Her win was contested by incumbent, Ed Sczzepanik but in a recount in November 1985, it was found that Desjardins actually had even more votes than originally thought and she was named Alderperson for the Ward. Desjardins ending up with 11 more votes for a total of 2,460 votes. Her ward mate being Frank Manzo Sr.

In 1988 Desjardins left local politics after one three year term losing her seat in the November 1988 municipal election. . Council members gaave her a standing ovation at her last council meeting in 1988.

Tom Angus, a long-time Ward 2 Aldermen was quoted in a Sault Star article “In my opinion , we are in her debt” commending her on her enthusiasm , energy, humour , respect and willingness to work , Angus told council. “She was not reluctant to call the shots and didn’t flinch”

Desjardins went on to volunteer on many boards, committees and organizations, including the YMCA, The Easter Seals Association and Heart and Stroke to name a few.

Joan Desjardins is survived by her family, Rob (Jeannette), Janet, Bonnie-Jean and Bill Desjardins along with many grandchildren. Her husband Dennis, predeceased


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