Cloverland Cares Announces 13 Scholarship Recipients

Outstanding graduating students awarded the CSC Nouvelon Vision Scholarship

Cloverland Cares excitedly announces 13 scholarship recipients in 2024. The Cloverland Cares scholarship is available to high school seniors or any member returning to school to complete a degree. Scholarship applications were evaluated based on an essay, financial need, school involvement, community service and work experience, educational and career goals, plus supporting letters of recommendation. Each recipient will be awarded a one-time scholarship.

Eligible schools include Lake Superior State University, Bay Mills Community College, Les Cheneaux Culinary School, Great Lakes Boat Building School and utility-tech programs offered at Alpena Community College, Lansing Community College and Northern Michigan University.

“We extend well wishes to our 13 scholarship recipients as they pursue their future career and educational endeavors,” said Cloverland Electric’s President and CEO, Mike Heise. “Congratulations to all recipients who are great examples of ambition and determination!”

Cloverland Cares scholarship funds are available through donations from American Transmission Company, Wisconsin Energy Corporation, Cloverland Electric Cooperative and member donations from monthly bill roundups.

Scholarship recipients will be honored at Cloverland Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting of the Members at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 6, 2024, at Lake Superior State University’s Arts Center. All Cloverland members are welcome to attend the annual meeting. More information is available on

Spring 2024 Cloverland Cares Scholarship Winners:

Utility Tech Programs:

    Trevor Sharpe, Alpena Community College
     Landen Mayer, Alpena Community College


EUP Area Schools

    Brendan Gross, Lake Superior State University – business administration and marketing 
    Oona Burton, Bay Mills Community College – business administration, office administration and early childhood education

    Evah Henderson, Lake Superior State University – accounting

    Joseph Kasprzak, Lake Superior State University – kinesiology

    Stacy Bishop, Lake Superior State University – robotics engineering

    Madison Mundy, Lake Superior State University – natural resources technology

    Sawyer Dowd, Lake Superior State University – psychology and pre-law

    John Kowalski, Lake Superior State University – robotics engineering

    Josephine Sorquist, Les Cheneaux Culinary School

    Evan Roe, Lake Superior State University – early childhood education

    Timothy Edington, Lake Superior State University – paramedic


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