$83 Million Development For Gateway Site On the Agenda Monday Night

Sault Ste. Marie city council will learn more about a mixed use development planned for the Gateway site Monday night.

The bio-economy neighbourhood concept considers sustainability on many levels, from converting a brownfield site into a vibrant, mixed-use development. The project concept included a permanent visitors centre containing informative displays, interactive exhibits, and featuring guided tours to educate visitors about the project’s objectives, design, and sustainable practices.

Though no time-line is presented for the project, it will include residential apartments / condos to address the housing shortage in Sault Ste. Marie and will be made up of the following,

– Approximately 145,000 – 160,000 square feet for residential
accommodation. Mix of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, and/or
– Approximately 12,000 square feet of amenities to support the residential
living environment.
– Approximately 26,000 square feet of commercial/retail space to support
businesses and personal support services.
– Approximately 5,000 square feet Visitors Centre to showcase urban
community living, alternative energy, forest sustainability and bio-economy

It should be noted that the pre-feasibility study is a conceptual document. Much more detailed planning and costing would be required for this development to proceed, and a developer would need to be identified to advance the project.

3 thoughts on “$83 Million Development For Gateway Site On the Agenda Monday Night

  1. Where is the plan for the monorail? More pipe dreams! You would think that they had learned from their bucket of mistakes by now, but no!
    Time to wake up and take control of the long out of control master disaster.

  2. How bout…I dunno? A CASINO perhaps? TENTsino has a strap-on A\C!

    OLG should be ashamed!

    p.s Dr’s like birds & fish!!! lol…js

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