What Engineering Students Witnessed at Tenaris

Tenaris welcomed more than 55 engineering students from Sault College to its industrial centre on Wallace Terrace to witness advanced manufacturing in action.

The students, pursuing studies in automated manufacturing, mechanical engineering technology, robotics and automation and electrical engineering technology, had the opportunity to tour Tenaris’s industrial centre and see the various stages of its pipe manufacturing processes.

“In the classroom, we teach robotics and mechatronics, but being inside a true industrial company really gives the students a spotlight on a place where they want to work and see it first-hand. It builds a sense of excitements for their future careers. I want students to participate in tours more often and have a chance to speak with professionals in the field, so I look forward to continuing to further our existing partnership with Tenaris,” shared Donovan Kennedy, Professor of Advanced Manufacturing & Automation at Sault College and a previous Tenaris employee.

“There is great value in bringing students into our facility to see what an advanced manufacturing environment looks like, how it operates, and better introduce them to the opportunities industrial careers offer,” said President of Tenaris in Canada, Martín Castro, on Friday, March 8th. “I hope the students walked away with a better understanding of the range of technologies, automation and process solutions we use to transform steel bars and flat pieces of steel into high-quality, reliable pipe products that serve the development of Canada’s oil and gas resources.”

In 2022, Tenaris unveiled its transformative investments in Canada, $150M CAD, centralizing its pipe manufacturing operations for both seamless and welded production under one roof with its hub in Sault Ste. Marie.

Tenaris and Sault College are longstanding partners and have a shared vistion of promoting student development, technical knowledge and experience through intiatives such as plant tours. Tenaris hopes to raise awareness and generate interest among students as they advance in their program studies and consider career options, such as the company’s summer student or Global Trainee program for young professionals.

Click here for more information on the Tenaris Global Trainee program and other opportunities for
young professionals starting their careers.

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