The Stories of Northern Live Podcast Returns!

The Sault Ste. Marie Museum is launching Season 2 of the Stores of Northern Life Podcast!

The podcast showcases our local history in 5 minute – 1 hour episodes, through interviews and collective research from the Sault Museum archives. Learn about the historic events, people, and places of our past and today’s voices!

New episodes are released every Thursday, relaunching this week March 7th!

This project is an active collection of our history, in hopes of preserving the stories of today. As we progress into the digital world it is important to preserve our stories and update how we collect this history.

Local voices are provided an outlet to speak their truth, share their unique Sault Ste Marie perspectives, and highlight their impact on the community. We believe sharing our collective stories keeps us connected and strengthens our community.

Season 2 features new music written, performed, and produced by local artist Liam Morassut (member of the band Hollow Heads), and poems, written and spoken by local poet J.L Fizzel. Both artist’s works reflect the essence of Northern Ontario in harmony with each story.

Contact Mairi Morassut the Design and Engagement Lead at the Sault Museum, for any inquiries topic suggestions, or interest in speaking on the podcast. We are looking for anyone with a story (big or small) to share about the Sault as well as the individual people who live or lived here, and yes that includes YOU. Email: [email protected]

Instagram & Facebook: @saultmuseum

Listen to the Podcast & Learn More:

Watch Podcast Interviews: 

should I name-drop people we already interviewed [MM1]

maybe take out to simplify [MM2]

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