We Could Be Snow-less By Next Weekend


Photo: Queen Elizabeth Park on February 1, 2024 – normally there would be 20 plus cm on the ground at this time of year.

When was the last time we had no snow in February? Not very often.

But that is a possibility by next weekend as well-above seasonal temps take hold for the week.

Currently Sault Ste. Marie has just a fraction of snow on the ground as compared to other years. Not great news for those who like winter recreational activities such as ice skating, tobogganing , skiing and whipping around on a snow machine.

The forecast for the up coming week calls for temperatures in the plus 5c range and possible heavy rain showers for Friday. Normal temperatures for this time of year in Sault Ste. Marie are -5c.

The long range three month forecast was recently released indicating the above normal temperatures will stick around until at least May along with below normal precipitation .

There is a chance of snow developing next weekend, following forecast rain showers. A system will try to bring colder air along with some snow, however the amounts don’t seem too high at this point.

Cooler air will settle in for the third week of the month before another warm wave develops into the first week of March.

One thought on “We Could Be Snow-less By Next Weekend

  1. There used to be 100cm on the ground!, and water main popping brutal cold temperatures, frequently. People are getting way too soft!

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