Still No Opening Date For Downtown Plaza…Yet

The Downtown Civic Plaza is still looking for an opening date. The $11.6 million dollar plaza was originally planned to open this Summer however construction delays pushed the opening until “sometime this Fall” Tom Vair, Deputy CAO told in July.

Vair was hopeful that some component of the Plaza was to open this weekend, mainly the Mill Market (re-branded as Soo Market) but that appears not to be happening as well.

In the meantime, the Mill Market will continue to operate from its Canal Drive location.

“no official opening date yet. Construction has been going well but we are delayed on the arrival of our stage structure.” Vair told FirstLocalNews, “Once we have a firm date from the manufacturer for arrival in Sault Ste. Marie we can finalize.”

Once completed, the idea behind the Civic Plaza is for development of a Public Space in downtown Sault Ste. Marie presenting a unique opportunity to create a vital community hub. “The intention for this place is to be nothing less than an extraordinary, four-season public plaza that is at once a place of celebration and a place for the everyday.”

The plaza is to include, Skating Rink and water feature, Flexible event / gathering area, Stage with outdoor screen , Play Zone, Lighting Displays , Public washrooms and change area , seating and Trees and planting beds.


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3 thoughts on “Still No Opening Date For Downtown Plaza…Yet

  1. Once again city officials throwing away taxpayers dollars on something that was unwarranted or needed and “NOT” wanted by the the majority of us. All we see is a mass of concrete with little to show for a 12 million dollar expense

  2. Can this be named The Downtown Commons?

    Also for $11M when you look at the space overall there’s a lot of parking. There isn’t much to the rest of the space. Makes you go “that’s it?”
    I wish things like display screens, PA Speakers and display lighting weren’t included as installed features because they only go out of date or break down. People rent those things if needed. They didn’t need to be included in the install price.

  3. What an embarrassment. The very LAST thing that Sault Ste. Marie needed to squander borrowed money on while in various serious crises. The extensive criminal mayhem going on with a dumb catch and release law making it 5 times worse, the drugs, the mental issues, the destroyed neglected roads, the many vacant city owned buildings, the pitiful lack of housing while slumlords and other out of town buyers leave nothing left that locals can afford to buy, while the government continues taking on thousands of immigrants, knowing full well that there is no housing for them, let alone us, just to name a few.
    “Mr. Dressup” Trudeau must go, for starters, he is well on his way to destroying Canada and burying it in irrecoverable debt. I feel deeply for our future generations that are not going to have a rough time getting by.

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