Driver Nabbed For Going Double The Speed Limit

On August 16, 2023, officers with Traffic Services charged a 22-year-old with stunt driving.

While patrolling on Second Line East officers observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was locked on radar driving 120km/h in a 60km/h zone.

Officers conducted a traffic stop and the driver was charged with stunt driving.

The driver is facing a 30-day Ontario Driver’s Licence suspension and had their vehicle towed at their own expense, which will be impounded for 14 days.

Court-imposed penalties may include a monetary fine between $2,000 and $10,000, a mandatory driver’s licence suspension of 1-3 years, and/or a custodial jail sentence not exceeding 6 months. If found guilty, the driver will also face increased costs for high-risk insurance, six (6) demerit points, and must attend a mandatory driver improvement course or their licence will be cancelled.

Driving is a privilege and violating the law can result in you losing that privilege. Sault Police hope this incident will raise awareness of the potential dangers and personal and financial consequences of stunt driving.

2 thoughts on “Driver Nabbed For Going Double The Speed Limit

  1. Me and my neighbors see cars trucks and motorbikes going far faster than 120 kmph on Bay street every day, it’s downright scary watching them race by, however the police do not ever see them because they have not enforced traffic laws in this area for at least the last ten years that we have lived in the area. Not once have we ever seen a radar car in the area. Also, many have illegal exhausts that should not even be on the road.
    They could lay several stunt driving charges every day in this area if they would actually enforce the laws. Someone is going to get seriously injured or worse if this continues to go on.
    They need to do radar setups between the dentist office and the old stone house area from the 6 pm. to 11 p.m time frame and they will soon make the headlines with the amount of charges.

  2. It’s the same all over the city. No Police anywhere. So where are they? First Local should investigate. Listening to racing on Second Line West as I write this.

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