Secret RCMP report says Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are

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A secret report from the RCMP warns the federal government that the country could erupt into civil unrest as soon as people realize how dire their economic situation is.

The report was classified as confidential, meaning it could only be shared within the RCMP and federal decision-makers. The heavily redacted version of the report was obtained in response to an Access to Information request from Matt Malone, a professor of law at Thompson Rivers University and a government secrecy expert. According to the report’s introduction, the purpose of the report is to identify trends in Canada and abroad “that could have a major impact on the government and the RCMP.” The report’s authors begin by warning that, regardless of the current state of Canada’s economy, it is likely to worsen in the coming years.

In addition to deteriorating living conditions, the report also predicts a future that is more likely to be characterized by extreme weather and seasonal disasters, like wildfires and floods. Most significantly, the authors of the report predict that Canada will be “increasingly forced to cede its territory in the North.” The report also predicts that Canadians will become increasingly distrustful of their government.

Law enforcement should prepare for a continuation of social and political polarization, fueled by disinformation campaigns and a growing distrust of all democratic institutions. One of the report’s more heavily redacted passages reads, “The last seven years have marked a shift in social and political polarization in the western world,” with the rest of the sentence blacked out by government censorship.


3 thoughts on “Secret RCMP report says Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are

  1. And thieving Trudeau and his minions have the nerve to want to extend the next federal election even farther? They should all be in the pokey. We need an election ‘yesterday’.

  2. Well no kidding!
    This shouldn’t be a big surprise!
    Canadians are stuck and tired of Trudope and his libtard minions.
    Another BS carbon tax that does absolutely nothing for the environment.
    We all know that the carbon tax is just lining the pockets of the libtards abs their orange minion counter parts.
    There was an article this week stating that they all get a raise as of April first.
    Coincidentally the carbon tax goes up the exact same day!

    I know I am sick and tired of being broke and treated like I am a criminal because I hunt for my food.

    I am sick and tired of this Canada.

  3. If Canadians knew the half of the real corruption they would go to Ottawa and string up corrupt drama teacher Trudeau by the toes.

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