Algoma Steel Provides Update on “River Water” Coffee

Algoma Steel has provided an update on the issue of untreated river water being used to make coffee at an on-site canteen. 

Today, in response to questions from FirstLocal News, Algoma Steel’s Director of Strategy, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Laura Devoni, stated only “The situation has been resolved and APH has been advised.  We are following APH guidance as it pertains to employee health.

On Monday evening a memo sent to Algoma Steel employees advised workers that coffee served at the Plate & Strip mill was made with water directly sourced from the St. Mary’s River.

The canteen was shut down March 14 after the issue was identified.  It is believed the water was used for about six weeks after an incorrect line was inadvertently connected to the canteen water supply.

Monday’s advisory assured workers  “..the water connected to the canteen is NOT used as drinking water, nor to wash produce and was used primarily as water for coffee, in warming trays and washing dishes.  Produce is pre-washed by our foodservice supplier.”

The memo went on to state“Water samples were sent for independent testing and we engaged with Algoma Public Health and union representatives.  We are currently flushing the system and working with Algoma Public Health and independent water testing to obtain assurances of water quality before reopening the canteen.”

Devoni acknowledged in the memo that the news is unsettling but said Algoma Steel has “..not received any reports of illness.”

Devoni did not indicate if the canteen is now open for business.

2 thoughts on “Algoma Steel Provides Update on “River Water” Coffee

  1. Some of these bacteria take months or even years to affect you. That was a real moron move, whoever made it should be canned.

  2. The canteen is closed until Monday. Haven’t seen any work happening there, has anything changed? Do we have a right to see the test results of what you were serving to everyone?

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