Seasonal load and speed restrictions come early to Marquette

load and speed restrictions

The Marquette County Road Commission will impose and enforce seasonal load and speed restrictions on all roads and streets under its jurisdiction beginning at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.  Restrictions apply to all motorized vehicles and loads.  Normal legal loads are permitted on all roads designated as “All Season.”

Historically, the Marquette County Road Commission has placed weight restrictions on all roads in mid-March and with removal in mid-May.  Loads will be reduced to 65% of a normal legal load when weight restrictions are in place. 

For normal and reduced  axle limits, you may refer to the Marquette County Road Commission’s Weight Restriction Map.  Here is also a list of All Season Roads under the jurisdiction of the Marquette County Road Commission.  

You can get up to date status of weight restrictions in Marquette County by calling (906) 486-4491, option 2. To see the status of Weight Restrictions throughout the State of Michigan visit the County Roads Association of Michigan (CRA) web site at


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