Gas Prices, All Over The Place in the Sault

Fuel nozzle in the gas station.

Depending where you fill up will determine how much you can save when shopping for regular gasoline in Sault Ste. Marie.

As of this morning , there is a 23 cent difference depending where you fill up.

Tuesday morning, select Shell stations increased prices to $1.55.9 from $1,42.9 yesterday. A number of McDougall Energy Esso stations increased their price to $1.51.9 last week, only to drop them again the next day to $1.42.9. This morning those prices shot up again to $1.51.9 per litre.

Canadian Tire remains (as of lunch hour Tuesday) at $1.42.9 per litre.

The cheapest gas can be found at Gen 7 in Rankin, for just $1.34.9 per litre.

3 thoughts on “Gas Prices, All Over The Place in the Sault

  1. Cheaper is not always better. The issue with Gen7 gas is that they buy old gas and blend it with new (the proportions are not known) and some people do not get the best mileage, your mileage may vary using it.
    Sewell’s sells Esso gas for a couple cents a liter more. That is your best bet if your vehicle is fussy about the fuel you feed it.

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