Sault College Restructures Mechanical Programs to Fast-Track Apprenticeship

Algoma Steel and Sault College

Understanding the growing need for skilled trades professionals, Sault College students enrolled in its Mechanical programs will be eligible for exemption from one or more levels of in-class training required for the trades Certificate of Qualification in the Millwright trade.

Through this initiative, Sault College is helping to support the pathway to apprenticeship certification further emphasizing the in-depth training and education and hands-on experience provided by Sault College’s innovative programming. 

“Sault College continuously looks for opportunities to further support students and the ongoing needs of local employers,” said David Orazietti, President, Sault College. “We know there is a strong demand for skilled trades graduates in our community and across the province. This reinforces the quality, hands-on education and training students receive at Sault College while making the path to an apprenticeship and trade Certificate of Qualification more accessible.”

As a long-standing community partner to Sault College, Algoma Steel supports the strong programming offered by the College in these areas and recognizes how this will further benefit both students and the broader workforce.

“At Algoma Steel, we believe in the power of education to forge the future of industry. We applaud Sault College for adapting its programs to meet the real-world demand for skilled trades professionals,” said Michael Garcia, CEO, Algoma Steel Inc. “Sault College’s decision to integrate apprenticeship in-class curriculum is a win-win, creating a direct path for students into the workforce and providing industries like ours with the skilled professionals we need”. 

Program Information 
Trade NameSault College Program NameCredential TypeEquivalent Apprenticeship Level 
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)Mechanical Engineering Technician – ManufacturingDiplomaLevel 1,2,3 
Construction Millwright TradeMechanical Engineering Technician – ManufacturingDiplomaLevel 1,2 
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)Mechanical Techniques (Millwright)CertificateLevel 1 
Construction Millwright TradeMechanical Techniques (Millwright)CertificateLevel 1 

This change began in September 2023.


One thought on “Sault College Restructures Mechanical Programs to Fast-Track Apprenticeship

  1. Requiring 2 years of post secondary education to apply for an apprenticeship should have never been the new norm. Kids with an aptitude in trades right out of high school should have the ability to secure a job. For the last 20 years the expectation was to be hired after 2 years of college, secure an apprenticeship, work at least 8,000 hours while documenting earned skills, then write the exam. Call that 6 years of schooling to be certified in a trade … at least when it’s all over, you’re gainfully employed – unlike most university students.

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