Sandhill Crane “purposely” Killed on Golf Course has learned of a disturbing act of cruelty to wildlife that happened last weekend at a golf course east of Sault Ste. Marie.

According to witnesses, a person driving a golf cart at the SilverCreek Golf Course in Garden River ran over a Sandhill crane killing it.

Charges are pending following an investigation of the Garden River Detachment of the Anishinabek Police Service and Animal Wildlife Services.

According to a media spokesperson for Anishinbek Police Services, a Sandhill Crane was noted as being injured and spotted on the golf course Friday, July 21. The extent of injuries and how the bird was injured has not been determined. On Sunday, July 23rd, the same bird was once again spotted on the greens of the SilverCreek Golf Course.

Witnesses have told FirstLocalNews that they believed the bird to be a young Sandhill Crane however Police could not confirm that. Police say a driver of a golf cart ran over the bird killing it. Witnesses say the driver of cart purposely chased the bird with the cart and killed it by running it over. The suspect is being investigated. The name of the person has not been released.

Sandhill Crane breeds in eastern Ontario from the Great Lakes as far north as southern James Bay, and into western to central Quebec. They are commonly seen in the Sault Ste. Marie area.

The investigation is on-going and could lead to heavy fines and charges. A person found guilty of cruelty to wildlife could face jail time of up to 5 years or a fine of up to $10,0000 according to the Criminal Code of Canada under cruelty to animals.


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8 thoughts on “Sandhill Crane “purposely” Killed on Golf Course

  1. Thos piece of crap should be named and shamed. That was such a cruel, deliberate act. I hope he is punished severely. This makes me so sad and angry

  2. I golf there and they are great birds. Never bother anyone and love to watch the little babies grow up
    The name should be published, shame on them

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