Morning Express – Monday, April 1

Photo by April Jokelainen

Last year on this date we woke up to a foot of heavy wet snow – today, reaching a high of plus 7c with mainly sunny conditions! We continue to have some pretty nice weather for Tuesday with a high reaching 6c under cloudy conditions then we cool off mid-week with a risk of sleet or freezing rain in the morning.

1976 Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs found Apple Computer in the garage of Jobs’ parents house in Cupertino, California

2001 Netherlands becomes the first country in the world to make same-sex marriage legal

Which was the only painting sold by Vincent Van Gogh during his life?
Answer: The Red Vineyards near Arles

What Scottish poet’s works inspired the book titles Of Mice and Men and Catcher in the Rye?
Answer: Robert Burns


Enjoy you Monday!


  • Craig Huckerby

    Craig Huckerby is a seasoned broadcast and media professional with over 43 years in local media. Starting in television, Craig became known as "the weather guy" on local television before pioneering internet media in the Sault. Craig is credited for bringing local television back to the Sault via the internet in 2003 with LTVNEWS.COM and was instrumental in launching and Craig has also won numerous International Film awards for director of the documentary, "Was I Next?, The Sean Cribbin Story"

One thought on “Morning Express – Monday, April 1

  1. Another April fools day goes by and we are still getting screwed over by the incompetent, corrupt Liberal government that is making existence for the average person an every day battle.
    We need to get rid of Trudeau and his crooked corrupt party, YESTERDAY.

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