Local Predictions For 2024

Submitted Special to FirstLocalNews.com by Aura


* Quiet year ahead for Sault Ste. Marie as a whole – status quo in many areas, not a lot of change

* Another major lottery winner, likely in the $3-4million dollar range

* Local arts & creative scene will be very active in 2024.  Possibility of Sault Ste. Marie being considered as the location of a major motion picture.  Well-known female actress (who has ‘heard’ of the Sault but has no ties to the city) will visit

* A popular Canadian name will make Sault Ste. Marie their home, contributing to the already vibrant local music & arts community 

* A well-known local in the theatre scene will have a work published

* Sault Ste. Marie will receive news of being chosen to host a major sporting event

* Residents and the community as a whole have suffered enough loss & heartbreak due to the drug problem & social issues in Sault Ste. Marie.  A solution, one that may not be popular & is being discussed behind closed doors, needs to be brought forward 

* A financial relationship between the city & an investor will fall apart. A legal battle will ensue.  The City will be successful & learn from this, leading to new ideas on managing business partnerships.  Assistance may come from someone formerly associated with City Hall.

* The city will “adopt” a beloved animal that continues to hang around & becomes quite a sensation with the public

* Very, very active year for Algoma Steel.   The local manufacturer will experience four delays with a major project, likely in January, May, August, & October. These delays are insignificant in the final & successful outcome.

* Two females will be appointed to senior roles at Algoma Steel

* Substantial profit-sharing payouts for ASI employees in 2024

* Municipal, provincial and federal governments will come together to remove a roadblock that is delaying the progress of a major project. Partisan politics will be set aside for the good of the community

* A person, external to Algoma Steel and who is trying to hold ‘intellectual property’ for ransom, will attempt to cash in. This will be resolved in ASI’s favour by a very strong company leader who will not tolerate the tactics.

*In May, a key international political leader will leave their position due to health reasons, likely exhaustion.  This will be temporary.

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