Local 2251 Issues Statement on Coke Oven Incident and Layoffs

The executive of USW Local 2251 issued a statement Tuesday regarding the Coke Oven incident that occurred on Saturday morning.

Mike Da Pratt, President of Local 2251 said he was informed of plans from the company to repair the Coke Ovens and Number 7 blast furnace would commence shortly. The company plans on issuing layoff notices to a number of members. A number of shifts have been cancelled in various areas of the operations.

In the statement to union members, Da Pratt stated that , with all major layoffs, “extraordinary efforts” must be taken by the company to issue record of employment for those affected as soon as possible.

Da Pratt did not list how big the layoff could be. Da Pratt said that it is important for members be aware of bumping rights within the collective agreement.

The entire statement reads below


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