Hospital Seeking Patient, Family, and Caregiver Advisors

SAH Annual Meeting "Challenges & Expectations"

Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is seeking patients, family members, and caregivers to join their Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Program.

Working alongside local health and social service professionals, patient, family and caregivers contribute of an organization’s ability to achieve the highest quality patient outcomes by representing the voice of the patient, addressing patient experience, and helping to implement positive change across programs and services. “By working together, we can achieve better health outcomes, wiser allocation of resources, and greater patient satisfaction. At the heart is the belief that health system staff and patients are working as partners in care.” a release said.

SAH is seeking applications from individuals who have recent experience accessing health or social services and are interested in the following but not limited to:
– Sitting on a monthly Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Committee (PFAC)
– Participating on other organizational committees representing to community voice
– Participating in projects and/or process improvements
– Sharing your story and personal health experiences in order to improve the local health system
– Reviewing documents, reports, and communications for patients, families, and caregivers
– Setting organizational priorities to ensure they are aligned with the needs of the community

Candidates should have had recent interaction with the Hospital (ideally within the past one to two years) as either an inpatient, outpatient, client, caregiver, family member, or loved one of a patient. SAH are seeking individuals who are willing to be open and committed to providing meaningful and thoughtful input into improving the patient experience.

Effective engagement reflects the diversity of the people served by SAH. To ensure that decisions reflect and respond to a broad range of lived experience, we welcome and encourage applications from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

To learn more about the SAH Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Program or to apply, please click here: Applications can be submitted electronically here: Applications will be accepted until July 28, 2023

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