Community Invited to Celebrate Medical Center’s 100 Year Anniversary

The community is invited to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of MyMichigan Medical Center Sault in a special gathering to take place Monday, Feb. 26, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The event will be held in the Hospital Entrance with remarks at 5 p.m. Guests will enjoy a historical photo display, refreshments and all are invited to sign a commemorative banner.

“For the last century we have had the privilege to provide care and support to the local community. We have much to be proud of and to celebrate,” said Kevin Kalchik, M.H.A., C.P.A., president of MyMichigan Medical Center Sault. “We look forward to bringing our community, employees, volunteers and providers together to honor the history of our community hospital and celebrate and share the stories of the lives we have touched.”

Known for much of its 100 years as War Memorial Hospital before affiliating with MyMichigan Health in 2022, the Medical Center opened its doors on February 28, 1924. Its history, however, goes back even further to 1915, when talk of a new hospital and the means of raising capital began. Then, in 1923, the piece of property at 500 Osborn Boulevard was obtained and the hospital was dedicated to soldiers who served during the Civil, Spanish American and World Wars. Since, the Medical Center has experienced several expansions and added new, state-of-the-art technology and procedures, all while keeping the patient at the center of it all.

“It comes as no surprise that with the growth of our community over the years, we too have grown alongside it in order to meet the changing needs of our patients while ensuring they stay close to home for safe, quality care. And, we’ve made great efforts to do so,” said Nicole Oliver, M.B.A., B.S.N., R.N., vice president of nursing, MyMichigan Medical Center Sault. “In fact, joining the MyMichigan Health family has been a catalyst for so much positive change. They have invested in us, their employees, as well as much needed facility improvement projects. Several projects are coming up that will impact the way care is delivered to our patients now and will strengthen our Medical Center for another 100 years to come.”

Upcoming projects include the launch of the new Epic electronic medical record this spring, the construction of a new pharmacy that will serve the Infusion and Oncology Unit, renovation of the Nuclear Medicine Department and addition of a new high-tech nuclear medicine camera with spec CT, along with the purchase of the Malcolm School building and its property for future campus growth. Improvements made in the past year include the implementation of a new nurse call system, purchase of all new hospital beds, and initiation of department renovations, including the Emergency Department, just to name a few.

“Our hospital’s evolution from a small community hospital to a Medical Center capable of providing top-tier care is nothing short of amazing,” said Kalchik. “The fact that a community of our size can support a hospital that still has obstetrics, dialysis, inpatient behavioral health, and services like neurology and endocrinology offered through telehealth, is a notable chapter in our organization’s story.”

Kalchik continued, “There is, however, one thing that has not changed in 100 years and will not change in the coming century, either. The excellent care we provide our patients and the commitment of the people who work in every department of MyMichigan Medical Center Sault is constant. Their dedication, their compassion, and their pride in caring for their fellow community members is unwavering. They are the beating heart of our organization – past, present, and future.”

As MyMichigan Medical Center Sault celebrates and looks to the future, they are also committed to remembering its past with a special fundraising effort.

“Since our inception, the hospital has served as a memorial for those who served, fought, and died for their country,” said Kalchik. “The memorial located here has long been situated on hospital grounds. We are currently fundraising to underwrite reconstruction of the gazebo, accompanied by an attractive landscape surrounding the memorial. It is our hope that we will create a respectful, peaceful space that hospital visitors and community members will visit and enjoy.”

Those interested in making a donation to this effort may call the MyMichigan Health Foundation at (989) 839-1932 or visit

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