Sault Area Public Schools is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ms. Kellie Greener as the Assistant Principal for Sault Area Middle School.


Ms. Greener will join us from Sault Area High School and Career Center, bringing with her a
wealth of experience and a passion for student success.
About Ms. Kellie Greener:
● Background: Ms. Greener has been an integral part of the Sault Area High School and
Career Center community for several years. Her dedication to fostering a positive
learning environment and supporting students’ growth has been commendable.
● Previous Role: Ms. Greener served as a teacher and advisor at Sault Area High School
and Career Center, where she inspired countless students to reach their full potential.
● Vision: As Assistant Principal, Ms. Greener is committed to promoting academic
excellence, nurturing a sense of belonging, and ensuring every student thrives.
● Responsibilities: In her new role, Ms. Greener will collaborate with administrators,
teachers, parents, and students to create a supportive and inclusive educational

“We are delighted to welcome Ms. Kellie Greener to our administrative team. Her deep
understanding of our school community, combined with her unwavering commitment to student
achievement, makes her an excellent addition.” said Principal Jessica Rondeau

Superintendent Kronemeyer’s Confidence:
“Our focus remains on providing a safe and enriching learning environment for our students.
With Ms. Greener’s leadership, we are poised to continue our tradition of excellence.” We also
want to extend our gratitude to Mr. Bill Schomberg for his 29 years of service and wish him well
in his retirement.

Please join Sault Area Public Schools Board of Education in congratulating Ms. Kellie Greener
on her new position. We look forward to the positive impact she will make on our school
community. Ms. Greener will be working indirectly with the students and staff at SAMS under
the guidance of Mr. Schomberg and Ms. Rondeau until her duties formally begin July 1, 2024.

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