Breaking: Updated Vision for the Station Mall Announced

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The Straton Hunter Group has released an update on the massive $60 million re-development of the Station Mall. The plan was originally announced last Summer, creating a lot of buzz in the city that the 50 year old waterfront mall and the biggest retail centre in the city was getting a much needed new lease on life.

“Station Mall is thrilled to provide an update on our ambitious $60 million redevelopment project for 2024, aimed at solidifying the mall’s position as Northern Ontario’s premier shopping destination. A pivotal highlight of this initiative is the arrival of a leading global beauty and personal care retailer, which marks a significant milestone in our commitment to revitalizing the mall and enhancing the shopping experience in Sault Ste. Marie.” a release stated.

Station Mall remains actively involved with the City of Sault Ste. Marie in the exciting broader downtown waterfront redevelopment efforts. Mayor Matthew Shoemaker expressed his support: “The City is committed to capitalizing on the potential of the waterfront and adjacent downtown area. We are actively seeking opportunities to facilitate private sector investment. The Station Mall’s ownership clearly sees the benefits of significantly investing in Sault Ste. Marie—a demonstration of what’s possible when private sector vision matches with strong municipal leadership.”

Robert Carter, from Straton Hunter Group details some of the planned expansion of the mall.

A Catalyst for Renewal: Global Beauty Leader Set to Open

  • Opening Soon: The leading beauty retailer is set to open its doors later this year at The Station Mall. This new addition is anticipated to diversify our retail offerings and attract a broader demographic of shoppers.
  • Boosting Foot Traffic: The introduction of this industry leader in beauty is projected to significantly
    increase mall visitation, benefiting all retailers and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • Preparation Underway: Advanced preparations for the store’s launch, including enhanced store
    preparations and construction are nearing completion.
  • Continued Redevelopment Progress
  • Infrastructure Enhancements: A new roofing system has been installed on a former major retail space, representing a significant investment in infrastructure. Additionally, new Rooftop HVAC systems are in place, with enhanced ventilation being completed to accommodate new tenants and the expansion of the mall area.
  • Storefront Enhancements: Storefront tempered glass is starting installation as an additional infrastructure upgrade.
  • New Tenants: We are excited about the upcoming addition of tenants, further enriching our food and retail landscape. These include beloved global innovative Quickservice chains, a leading cutting edge shoe retailer, a new-to-market fashion leader, a National brand Sports grill and bar, and a fresh food innovator.
  • ‘Eatertainment’ Complex: Plans continue on the 50,000-square-foot ‘eatertainment complex’ as
    infrastructure development prepares for the arrival of exciting physical activity facilities combined with interactive gaming and culinary offerings, establishing a unique ‘eatertainment’ experience.
  • Sustainable Development: Plans for the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging systems are underway, alongside enhancements to community spaces with options such as indoor Pickleball courts.

    Engagement Through Events
  • Community Support: Our commitment to community support continues with events such as Christmas Cheer, free holiday movie screenings, and ongoing seasonal contests and celebrations.
  • We appreciate the community’s support as we navigate through our $60 million redevelopment for 2024. The imminent opening of the global beauty retailer combined with our ongoing investment in mall infrastructure symbolizes our ongoing progress and dedication to transforming The Station Mall into a vibrant hub for commerce and social interaction.


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  1. Don’t get too excited over the insane ideas of the delusional child mayor, it will backfire on you, guaranteed. His pipe dream of reviving the dead, heavily polluted, smelly and crime ridden downtown only exists in his head alone.

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