Affordable housing coming to Marquette

construction housing units

MARQUETTE, Mich. – The Marquette planning commission, on Tuesday night, approved the building of a new affordable housing complex. Commission members indicated that, post-construction, the complex will be a 50-unit, multiple family building. It was specifically described that one building will have 24 one-unit apartments and the other will offer 26 two-unit apartments. The two sites will be located a at 1502 W. Ridge St. and 1303 and 1400 Grant Ave.

Commission Member Kevin Clegg indicated that all members decided to approve this project as it solves a major need in the city.

“We feel like there’s a lot of need for affordable housing and the application mentioned that the housing will be affordable, and we are seeing a lot of units that need development and that’s going to fit that need,” Clegg said.

Commission members stated that the next step for the developer is to break ground and clear any land required. They also indicated that it is hoped that construction will be begin sometime late next fall.

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