You’re Going To Do What With The Pumpkin?

It wasn’t too long ago that Brent Rouble walked away with the largest pumpkin at the Algoma Farmer’s Market Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off . Rouble’s pumpkin came in at just shy of 900 lbs.

But now what? what can one do with a giant pumpkin?

How about using it as a boat?

That’s what Rouble plans to do this coming Sunday.

Depending on the ever – changing weather, Rouble plans to launch his pumpkin boat at the Pine Street Marina Sunday morning.

“The goal is to paddle 1m… then 5m… then 1km, then to Top Sail Island… then to Hilton Beach on St. Joe’s Island to break the Guinness World Records .. then to Bruce Mines if I’m still floating, to get some wiggle room for the world record… then Thessalon to smash the world record for a total of 100km in my 900lb pumpkin.” Rouble wrote in a Facebook post.

At this point, Rouble isn’t even sure his new vessel will float, but he’s willing to what happens.

Rouble has arranged to have a person in a boat follow him as a witness and possible life-line just in case the pumpkin takes on water.

Just a few days ago, a Missouri man broke this year’s Guinness World Record for longest journey by pumpkin boat. After almost 11 hours out on the Missouri River in his 1,208-pound pumpkin boat called Huckle Berry, Steve Kueny from Lebanon, Missouri has emerged from his 38-mile journey across the river “cold, tired but pleased with the result.”

Rouble plans on beating that record – although with a much smaller pumpkin.


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