Winter Driving – Clear windshield and drive according to conditions

Winter driving safety tips

(EAST ALGOMA, ON) – The East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind the motoring public to practice safe winter driving habits. Snow and freezing temperatures will create hazardous driving conditions.

Motorists are reminded to completely clear the snow off their vehicles and to ensure visibility in all directions before heading out onto the roadway. A buildup of snow on your vehicle and/or a foggy or iced over windshield or windows can drastically reduce your visibility and cause a traffic hazard to other motorists. The OPP remind drivers that it is their responsibility to take the time to properly clean off their vehicles and ensure a clear view out of all the windows and windshield. The OPP may lay Highway Traffic Act (HTA) charges if this is not completed.  

All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles help you accelerate, but not stop. On slippery surfaces, vehicles with four-wheel drive or AWD can accelerate better than those with two-wheel drive. However, when stopping or turning, the limits are determined by the traction capabilities of your tires, not the number of driven wheels. You should still adjust your driving to the conditions you’re are facing, even if you’re operating an AWD vehicle.

The number one cause of motor vehicle collisions during snowy conditions is speed. Driver’s going too fast for road and weather conditions. Ensure some time to spare and drive with care!


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