Will TikTok be banned in Canada?


The federal Liberals launched a national security investigation into TikTok, a popular video app, in September 2023, but did not make it public. The news comes after the US House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill to prohibit TikTok unless its Chinese owner sells its stake. “We are following the debate in the United States, of course,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Thursday.

The Minister of Science & Industry ,François-Philippe Champagne said the Liberal cabinet issued an order on Sept. 6 to “examine the operations of TikTok in Canada.” It said the review was “based on the expansion” of a business, but declined to say what expansion it was looking into. According to a government database, TikTok announced a new business in June 2023, calling Network Sense Ventures Ltd., based in Toronto and Vancouver, to “market, advertise, and develop content/creator development services related to the use of TikTok in Canada.”

According to the minister’s office, the cabinet order to initiate the review was not made available online, as is standard, as the information is confidential and protected under the Canada Investment Act.

Champagne’s office said TikTok will be subject to “extensive review” under the act, as outlined in the government’s new policy on foreign investment in interactive digital media sector. The policy statement states “hostile State-sponsored or influenced entities may seek to use foreign investments in interactive media sectors to spread disinformation or to manipulate information in a way that is detrimental to Canada’s internal security.” TikTok was banned from mobile devices by the federal government in February 2023, following an investigation into the platform by federal and provincial privacy commissioner.

A spokesperson for TikTok said the company is continuing to work with the government in the review of its investment in Canada. The spokesperson also said the company remains committed to providing the platform’s users with the safety and security they need to make money, find community, and create jobs.


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