Wiarton Willie predicts early spring

Wiarton Willie

This morning at approximately 8:00 am, Wiarton Willie appeared on stage at the Wiarton Arena to determine the end of winter for the people of Ontario.

The South Bruce Mayor, who speaks Groundhogese heard what Wiarton Willie had to say before making his prediction. If he sees his shadow, we will have another six weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, Ontario will have an early spring. For the last two years, little Willie hasn’t seen his shadow, which means an early spring is coming.

How accurate is this prediction? It’s an annual tradition across North America on Feb. 2, with some communities using stuffed animals and others using lobsters. Here in Ontario, we have a groundhog called Wiarton Willie.


One thought on “Wiarton Willie predicts early spring

  1. Duh! If Willie or any other dumb fur balls predicted anything different they should be turned into hamburger! ~El Niño

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