Why confederation is the most significant event in Canadian history

The confederation of Canada in 1867 is clearly the most significant event in the history of Canada. I think that the decision of confederation was a very good choice because if Canada was still British North America and we were still living in colonies instead of provinces, our lives would be very strange (well it won’t be strange if we were actually still living in colonies nowadays but if I think about Canada not being in confederation now, I think it would be strange) and our country would be very different today.

But it turns out, confederation was not all positive as I thought it was and there were many bumps on the road to a proper Canada after confederation was established. For example, the Red River Rebellion in 1869 took place all because of confederation and many First Nations people lost their rightful land to the event of Canada coming all together in confederation. This was very inconsiderate of the Canadian government allowing this to happen since the First Nations people had their traditional lands and the people who were relocating in Canada just thoughtlessly stole their traditional lands without even consulting with the First Nations people. The individuals in Canada unkindly just swooped in and stole the land. Another example of a big mistake in Canada’s history is the event of residential schools in 1883 which were invented by John A Macdonald Canada’s first prime minister.

As a result of residential schools being born, lots of First Nations children died or got extremely sick due to the horrible conditions in the school and the last residential school did not close until 1996. Nobody who attended these residential schools are completely healed from the permanent scars. But going back to my original point, all these mistakes in Canada’s history will never be completely solved however, if we were still living in colonies we might never learn from these mistakes and all the mistakes made in Canada’s history taught us over time how to live more peacefully in confederation. So, every move made in Canada’s history taught everyone a valuable lesson and all of Canada gained knowledge from these experiences.

Now, as I have already mentioned above, I do think that Canada coming into confederation was a good idea, but I did not really explain why I thought this. So, I think that confederation was an amazing idea because I feel like Canada would be much weaker if all of British North America was split up into colonies and now that Canada has come together in confederation Canada would be stronger as all of our provinces can work together to come up with a reasonable action to solve a problem as opposed to all of the colonies fighting for themselves. Also, as I have already mentioned above, none of these major historical events would have happened if not for the confederation of Canada happening all the way back in 1867.

In conclusion, confederation shaped Canada to become what it is today and none of these major events that I have mentioned above might not have happened or they would have unraveled way differently. So, if confederation did not happen and we were still living in those little colonies everything in our everyday lives would be very different don’t you think so


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