What we know about extraterrestrials and Area 51

With NASA traveling to Mars in 2030, the curiosity about alien life is growing higher and everyone wants to know if they exist and if they do exist, how they are living in space. I cannot answer any of these questions, but here is everything we know about extraterrestrial life so far.

The first UFO sighting was in 1947 by pilot Kenneth Arnold claiming that he had seen a line of nine mysterious, shiny flying objects in the night sky. But, the first actual alien sighting was not until the late 1950s when things (or so-called aliens)with skin that looked like latex and bones that looked like aluminum fell from the sky in New Mexico and they were reportedly hastily picked up by military vehicles
shortly after they hit the ground.

The military later stated that the “aliens” were simply tests for military training but some still believe that those things falling from the sky were aliens. Some people have also claimed that they have been kidnapped by aliens for an experiment they wanted to conduct on humans.

But, many times throughout history, there have been many strange extraterrestrial sightings around Area 51 which is a top-secret US military base located in Nevada the area is mainly used for testing planes, and spacecrafts, and also some think that the military also does experiments with aliens in Area 51 since it is out of the public eye. Even on any search engine, you will not be able to see images of Area 51 military base which is very mysterious. In 2023, an Area 51 whistle-blower came out and said that in fact, scientists are experimenting with alien space crafts in the Area 51 military base.

There have been numerous other interesting incidents around UFOs and extraterrestrials but here is another interesting question: If they do exist, how do they survive in space? Well, I think that some of these extraterrestrial creatures may be living on Mars because there is water on Mars-ice water but it is still water. Many think that aliens are even more advanced in technology than we humans are and if that claim is true, the aliens probably have a way of getting fresh water if they don’t already have robots or some sort of big animal working for them.

However, we will never truly know if aliens are real unless we try to communicate with them on the phone or in person- which is unlikely to occur. Aliens are truly weird things but if you want to know more about them, search up aliens on your favorite search engine.


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  1. same question the aliens are asking that is if humans are real if we exist , and would like to study us too

  2. After all the articles claiming Pierre Poilievre is an effective leader, we finally get something that may turn out to be true!

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