What Happened to the $60 Million Redevelopment at the Station Mall?

When it was announced late late Summer that the Station Mall was undergoing a $60 million redevelopment, it was greeted with great optimism. The massive project included transforming the former Sears space into an entertainment complex along with dining with a casual dining sports bar among other new retail outlets.

Station Mall has hired trusted hospitality advisors The StratonHunter Group to aid in its transformation into a thrilling hub of adventure and excitement said a release issued August 2, 2023. Since the big announcement, there hasn’t been much happening in the form of a major redevelopment.

According to the press release, the project was to be completed in “early 2024”

The Station Mall was sold to Markham-based company — SM International Holdings Ltd. for $30 million in June 2022 in cash and with an $18 million mortgage.

Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate services firm was hired as property manager. The mall was originally owned by Algoma Central Corp.

Sears was the major anchor of the mall when it opened in 1973. The Sears space occupied 50,000 square feet. Walmart was the western anchor. Both major anchors closed their doors , Sears closed October 1 2017 while Walmart closed in 2019.

Photo: May 1st, 2024 of the construction site – with no renovations or construction going on

“We envision a modern mall that captures the imagination, encourages social interaction, and creates unforgettable moments,” says Robert Carter, Managing Partner of The StratonHunter Group. “Station Mall’s groundbreaking ‘entertainment’ complex, featuring interactive games, extraordinary activities, and exceptional culinary experiences, will redefine the shopping landscape in Northern Ontario. This substantial investment showcases Station Mall’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled shopper experience.” was said in the announcement of the $60 million spend .

FirstLocalNews has reached out to the StratonHunter Group for comment, but the company has not responded to our request. FirstLocalNews also reached out to the Mall’s property owner, Cushman & Wakefield for a status report on the redevelopment. ” Unfortunately, we cannot provide a status on this as we no longer manage this centre.” said, Margaret Cooper, Retail Director Marketing

FirstLocalNews visited the mall to see what if anything is being done. We observed no construction going on, no construction workers, sub-trade vehicles, construction materials or fencing surrounding the building. Instead we only noticed pillions in the parking lot on both sides of the mall.

A circus that is visiting the Sault this May will erect their big top tent in the parking lot of the former Sears. If construction, especially a project with a $60 million price tag was going on, the Circus would likely not be able to occupy that space. EV charging stations were also part of the plans for the mall, “As stewards of a greener future, the mall will also feature new, electric vehicle charging stations in the main lot. ” To date, no charging stations have been installed.

We tried reaching out to the mall’s registered owner, SM International Holdings Ltd., on the status of the mall, our to them email has not been responded to.

9 thoughts on “What Happened to the $60 Million Redevelopment at the Station Mall?

  1. do these developers receive public monies when they are acquiring these properties they never seem to finish?

    it seems like developers come into our city, build hype, and do everything but actually get shovels in the ground or finish projects.

    just curious if they are coming in, siphoning whatever they can from the public, then ditching the projects.

  2. Can we get an update from City Council? They should be familiar with the status I would think. It should be on their next agenda.

  3. What do you think Craig ? How long have you done news in this city ? How many broken promises has this city endured? Seriously!!!

  4. It looks like we are in for more of the same…promises unfulfilled. I was skeptical in the first place since malls everywhere are having a problem locating tenants. Why would any store consider Station Mall before a vibrant populated area down south? Station Mall needs to do what other malls do: open the stores from the parking lots. Gone are the days when shoppers want to trudge through the mall looking for a particular store.

  5. Statement from Station Mall on Redevelopment Progress

    We at Station Mall acknowledge the concerns raised by our valued community and media regarding the current status of our redevelopment project. We understand the importance of transparency and are committed to keeping everyone informed.

    We are in the process of preparing a detailed update to be released the week of May 13th, 2024. Our team is working hard to ensure the project meets its promise of transforming Station Mall into a vibrant hub of shopping, entertainment, and social interaction for local residents.

    We appreciate your patience and continued support as we work towards making the Station Mall experience better than ever. Stay tuned for our upcoming statement which will outline the progress we have made as well as timelines moving forward.

    Thank you.
    The Station Mall Team

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