Ways to take care of your mental health

About 280 million people in the world today have some form of depression. The depression problem really took off during the COVID-19 pandemic since everyone was in lockdown and we all had fewer social interactions. Even if you are not suffering from depression, everyone has stress now and then so here are some ways to cope with that stress and take care of your mental health properly.

Get fresh air: Studies have proven that going outside and getting fresh air can greatly improve your mental health because being out in the fresh air and nature clears your mind, decreases anxiety levels and lessens stress and thoughts of anger. I personally enjoy walking my dog outside- not only do I enjoy it but my dog Finko also has a good time. Go for a walk or jog in nature and calm yourself today.

Do a hobby: If you do not have some sort of hobby already, get one. When you do your favorite hobby, it often sets your mind off other stress, anxiety, or depression in regular day-to-day life. Some examples of
potential hobbies could be reading novels, painting or drawing, knitting or crocheting, playing a sport, coding, writing, or even baking!

Sleep: Sleep is vital and it affects how we perform in our lives. A healthy amount of sleep for adults is between 7-9 hours and a healthy amount for teens is 8-10 hours. Sleep makes everyone feel better and the reason why is that the situation might seem stressful when you are tired but when you wake up after a good night’s sleep you might feel better about life.

Talk to people: Talking to people about your feelings is important so you can clear your mind of any unwanted stress, worry, or depressing situations. You can talk to anybody- for example, you can talk to a
counselor or therapist, people you work with, friends, people who live in your household, or even an animal (the living thing you choose to talk to does not have to understand you!) you can even talk to plants as it also reportedly helps them grow.

So, those are all of my tips on how to take care of your mental health and if you are experiencing serious depression or suicidal thoughts be sure to call or text9-8-8 which is the Canadian suicide helpline, or get help through the Kids Help Phone at kidshelpphone.ca. You are not alone.


  • Freya Mannisto

    I am a student of Lakehead Public Schools elementary- grade 8 in Septemeber 2023. I am currently a member Of Hackergal- a unique non-profit organization that encourages girls in Canada to code. I am volunteering with Hackergal as well. I am also the recipient of the Network Of Women In Engineering award from The NWORSF and the Grade 3 Award Of Creativity. In school, I am a member Of the Girls Coding Club. My favorite subjects are French, Math, science, and language In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, coding, and playing with my dog. I reside in Thunder Bay with my parents and my dog.

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