Waterfront Development Plan moves into Phase 2 – Design Concepts


The City of Sault Ste. Marie, Tourism Sault Ste. Marie and Destination Northern Ontario are creating a Waterfront Design Plan spanning from Bondar Marina to the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre. This plan will guide the development of the waterfront and transform it into a world-class destination.

Phase 1 of the project, Creating the Vision, is now complete. During this initial phase, community members provided input into the vision and strategic goals that will steer the future development of the waterfront. Phase 2 of the project is now underway and includes Design Concepts for the overall waterfront project area identifying focal points and showcasing the potential transformation that lies ahead.

In Spring 2024, the waterfront design concepts will be revealed in their entirety, and members of the public will have an opportunity to provide feedback to shape the future of the waterfront. The Phase 1 “What we Heard” document can be found on the City’s website at www.saultstemarie.ca/waterfront.


2 thoughts on “Waterfront Development Plan moves into Phase 2 – Design Concepts

  1. This ship sailed a long, long time ago. Get a grip on reality, you missed the boat by decades on this one while you were all asleep at the wheel.
    Quit squandering tens of millions on the dead downtown and waterfront that won’t make a bit of difference, except to leave the city penniless, broker than ever, and have unprecedented out of control crime and violence.

    1. Just gentrify the neighborhood, this has worked in toronto and other cities. The only “late” is when there’s no one living in a city. Don’t like it leave the sault. Like all we have are naysayers in this city, no wonder no one wants to develop.

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