Vaping in Canada may cost more as of July 1.

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The federal government has proposed a tax increase in this year’s budget that will increase the cost of vape pods from 12 to 24 cents on July 1. The increase is expected to generate $310 million in revenue for the government over five years.

Ottawa has said the tax increase will help reduce the number of young people vaping. However, public health experts believe the tax does not go far enough and could lead to unintended consequences.

According to Statistics Canada, one in 15 Canadians between the ages of 15 and 19 were vaping every day in 2022. Young adults were vaping more than teens, and one in 10 young people aged 20 to 24 were vaping every day during the same year. While some experts want the tax to be higher, others worry that it could encourage young people to smoke.


One thought on “Vaping in Canada may cost more as of July 1.

  1. You don’t need to wait until July 1 to see increasing costs on EVERYTHING, it happens daily.
    Is corrupt Trudeau ready to step down in shame yet?

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