UNSOLVED MYSTERY – Where is Jake Joseph Corbiere?

A $25000 reward for information that solves the disappearance of Jake Corbiere has been announced by Garden River First Nation Chief & Council. 

News of the reward came at a somber candlelight vigil held for the missing 41-year-old Friday night at the Garden River Community Centre.  A sacred fire burned outside. 

“We want to ignite the investigation and get information that will bring closure to this family,” stated GRFN Chief Karen Bell.  “The terms of the reward are any information that positively leads to the location of Jake Corbiere.”

Corbiere – originally from Garden River – disappeared in Sault Ste. Marie on March 12, 2023. 

He was last seen in the Churchill Avenue area, off People’s Road. A small amount of money from a family inheritance Corbiere signed for earlier that day remains untouched. His bank account is also inactive. 

“How do you grieve when you don’t know if he is alive or dead?  We are preparing for the worst,” said Christina Corbiere, Jake’s sister.

On March 14, 2023 Jake Corbiere was reported missing by his partner who last saw Corbiere leaving their home two days earlier.  He was accompanied by a male described only as being similar in height to Jake, approximately 5’9”.  A face mask and a toque that was pulled down to leave only the eyes visible made identification of the person difficult.

The pair was said to have been heading to a Farwell Terrace coffee shop.

It was the last time Corbiere was seen.

“The past year has been agonizing,” said Christina.  “It leaves us lost. We don’t know what to do.  We don’t know what we should be doing.”

Following the vigil, Sault Ste. Marie Deputy Police Chief, Brent Duguay, advised the year-old case has been upgraded from a missing person to a major crime.

Over the past year, Sault Ste. Marie Police conducted two searches, one believed to be near the Sault canal and the other in the Fort Creek conservation area. Both searches came up empty. Both times police were called away to respond to other emergency situations happening in the city. 

Citing the integrity of the investigation, Duguay would not confirm where previous searches took place or if police secured security video from nearby homes or businesses.

“We’ve searched a number of areas already and some of those may have to be revisited depending on if new information were to be received,” said Duguay. “Any information we received we went out and looked in those areas.”

Ongoing search efforts by the Corbiere family & friends have also failed to reveal any clues on Jake’s whereabouts.  Tips received by the family through social media have not provided any solid information. 

“We’ve basically been driving around looking,” said Corbiere.  “We were told he had been seen at a homeless camp near Elliot Field, told that he had been left at the People’s Road cemetery, seen on the path in Fort Creek.  As well, I was told he went to Toronto.  To Mexico. The keyboard warriors have been relentless. And heartless.”

Christina Corbiere believes Jake’s lifestyle is an integral piece of the puzzle, leaving her confident the $25000 reward will be the incentive to generate solid leads.

“I think the money will do it.  Drugs are rampant.  Someone will start saying something.”

Anyone with information about Jake Corbiere’s whereabouts is asked to contact Sault Ste. Marie police.

One thought on “UNSOLVED MYSTERY – Where is Jake Joseph Corbiere?

  1. “Christina Corbiere believes Jake’s lifestyle is an integral piece” I wish this part was expanded on. What about his lifestyle? Was he a user or dealer? Was he a fighter? Did he drink? If he was a user what was his drug of choice? Where would he usually go to get it, if he was a user? Did he owe money to anyone? Who all knew he was getting this inheritance? (regardless how small). Did the person he was last with come forward? Sounds like he didn’t if Jake’s partner doesn’t know who it was. That is very sus. Who contacted him last on his phone? I have so many more questions now that is was made public that his bank account has had no activity. Prayers for the family.

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