Two Vehicle Crash on People’s Road

Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services and Sault Police Services responded to a two vehicle crash on People’s rd and Third Line.

No details about the crash are currently available. One of the vehicles sustained heavy damage. No word on any injuries , though EMS also attended the scene.

Sault Fire cleaned the accident scene when fluid was leaking from one of the vehicles.


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3 thoughts on “Two Vehicle Crash on People’s Road

  1. The aggressive driving, speeding, and thinking about everything else except driving, while driving is an epidemic that is only getting worse. No wonder our insurance bills are through the roof. The people irresponsible people responsible for this need to pay the lion’s share of the increases, not those who have had a clean record forever.

  2. THEY NEED A STOP LIGHT!!!!!! Complicated intersection, Speed and 7 lanes. The city is trying to save money but how much does it cost for 3 fire trucks, 2 police cars and an ambulance to attend (every 2 weeks on average)?

  3. This literally happened seconds after I passed through that intersection today.
    That red car was second in line at the stop sign on third line.
    So the person in the red car proceeded through the intersection without knowing whether both lanes were clear I’m assuming.
    I’d put money on it.
    I see it everyday at this corner.
    People don’t watch and are impatient.

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