Two Supermoons grace the August night skies

Blue Super Moon

Skygazers have every reason to look up this month! Two supermoons are on the docket for August; the first being the sturgeon moon, and the second is the blue supermoon.

A supermoon, the name given to a full moon that appears larger in the sky than usual, is the result of the moon is orbiting closer to earth. Typically, these phenomena will only occur 3 to 4 times a year. 

The first supermoon of the month took place on August 1st. Next on the horizon is the Blue Moon on August 31st.

“…another thing that is unusual from a lunar perspective this month is on the 31st of August, we’re actually going to have a blue moon,” explained said Matt Zika, a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. “And that occurs when you actually have two full moons in the same month. And it just so happened the way the calendar winds this year. But 31st of August there’ll be a second full moon.”

This is no celestial event to take lightly. Having two supermoons in the same month fairly rare and the next time this will happen will be in January of 2037.

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