Twin Sault’s Meet On Monday


A joint meeting between the Sault Ontario city council and their counterparts in Sault Michigan will be held Monday at the Civic Centre.

The meeting will focus on Tourism, Economic development and International Mutual Aid.

This will mark the first time since 2017 that both communities formerly meet to discuss initiatives on both sides of the river.

An update on the Cruise line industry and its impacts on the twin Sault’s along with information surrounding a major construction project in Sault Michigan, the new lock that is currently under construction are on the agenda.

On the Ontario side, council will talk about the Algoma Steel Group’s electric arc furnace steelmaking process and what that will mean for both communities.

It is hoped a new strategic economic plan can be developed between the two council’s as well as border issues.

Other key points of interest include Sault Ontario’s new downtown plaza, the downtown revitalization as well as housing issues.


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One thought on “Twin Sault’s Meet On Monday

  1. The downtown plaza was a total waste of valuable taxpayers money that was desperately needed elsewhere, and all just a new place for the druggies and criminals to hang out and sell drugs, while the poor will continue to beg there.
    I hope they are proud of going against 80% of the population that did not want this crucial money burned.

    See where this red herring got them while they continued to ignore the real issues, nowhere, except more crime and drugs, shootings B&E’s & vandalism are getting worse by the day. We see people strung out on a daily basis in several areas of town. The last one was a young man that was way too drugged and hanging off of his bicycle projectile vomiting all over the boardwalk while tourists walked by.

    Now they are going to blow more tens of millions trying to revive a long dead downtown my narrowing the street and reducing the speed limit to a crawl? That will just alienate people all the more and they will avoid it altogether. What does it take to convince this backwards city to quit beating this dead horse?

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