Trinity Towers Wants To Go Higher

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Cara Community Corp will present to Sault Ste. Marie City Council tonight a revised plan for their apartment development at the corner of Northern Ave. and Great Northern Road.

Originally proposed and approved for seven floors , Cara Community Corp is now seeking approval for an additional 2 floors bringing the total number of apartments to 108, an increase of 50 units.

The iconic A-frame church that has been part of the cityscape for Great Northern Road will soon be demolished to make way for the new apartment development. A new chapel will be built on the ground floor of the new building along with 750 square metres of commercial space zoned for various functions such as office, food services, personal services and retail as well as amusement and fitness facilities.

The developers are also seeking a reduction in yard setbacks and landscape space plus a reduction of parking spaces from 185 to 101 spaces.

The height of the building will match that of the Royal Canadian Legion apartment complex currently under construction.

Nearby residents in the Northern Ave. area has voiced concerns over the amount of additional traffic in the area especially considering a new retail development at the Northern Ave plaza that is about to start construction on a new mini-plaza as well as the Pino Plaza that has started ground work north of Second Line.

Council is expected to approve the application tonight.


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