Traffic Patrol Nets Over 100 Offenses

Sault Ste. Marie Police laid 98 Highway traffic act offenses, 16 speeding tickets and one charge for a hand-held device while driving as part of their traffic safety Dynamic Patrol Initiative.

The patrol ran from March 11 to the 15th.

During that time, officers performed 40 additional hours of traffic enforcement.

The distracted driving ticket comes with an automatic three (3) day licence suspension, three (3) demerit points and a minimum $615 fine.

“The traffic enforcement Dynamic Patrol project targeted high traffic areas of our community,” says Derek Dewar, Inspector – Patrol Services. “Officers spent time conducting traffic enforcement on Peoples Road, Black Road, and 4th Line West, to name a few areas.”

Dynamic Patrol is an ongoing initiative to increase police presence in residential neighbourhoods and near businesses. Deployment of officers will take place as necessary in various areas of the community.

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