The Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off

In the Peanuts comic strip Linus, best friend of Charlie Brown was always looking for the Great Pumpkin. Perhaps Linus should check out the Algoma Farmer’s Market and the Giant Pumpkin Weigh – Off.

The annual event was held Saturday with some very large results.

Here’s the run-down of the prize winners and their gigantic pumpkins.

Giant Pumpkin Contest – by Weight:
(Open to any age 17 and up)


1st Place: Brent Rouble, 897 lbs
2nd Place: Steve Rouble, 517 lbs
3rd Place: Chris McGrath, 470 lbs

A total of 7 contestants vied for the prizes in this category, the lightest of which was still a hefty 104 lbs.

Prize breakdown, and sponsor/donor:

Prizes were:
A $200, $100 gift certificate, donated by Pino’s Get Fresh for 1st and 2nd, respectively.
A $50 gift certificate was donated by Shaw Milling Ltd for 3rd place.

“Jeff Marshall did offer a Bonus prize of $100 cash, if the first place winning pumpkin were to reach or exceed 1000 lbs. Readers and future contestants should note that Jeff is likely to offer this added bonus again, so we encourage any and all to try!” said Christopher Robin Wilding, Secretary/Algoma Farmers’ Market

“Youth” Giant Pumpkin Contest – by weight

-(Open to children up to age 16)

Place, Name, Weight:

1st Place: Micah Reinke, 607 lbs
2nd Place: William McGrath, 548 lbs
3rd Place: Junior Gardens @ Old Stone House, 289 lbs

“There were only three contestants in this category, so all won prizes.  And we can clearly see, with the weights measured, that in a few years, they’ll be giving the “Senior” Pumpkin division growers some competition!” said Wilding.

The prizes of $50, $30, and $20, respectively, were cash prizes donated by Jeff Marshall and Susan Wilding, vendors from the Algoma Farmers’ Market.

Largest Sunflower (measured – largest width on head)


1st place: Erv Goertz, 19 inches
2nd place: Terry Wolnik, 18.5 inches
3rd place: Melissa Gervasi, 17.5 inches

There were 10 entries in this contest, the smallest of which was still 16 inches across. Had there been more prizes issued, 4th place would have been a three-way tie!

Prize breakdown, and sponsor/donor:

Prizes were, respectively a $50, $30, and $20 gift cards generously donated by New North Greenhouses.

At the end of Saturday, second and third prizes were not yet claimed, so Melissa Gervasi, and Terry Wolnik will be contacted so they can collect their prizes.

Largest Tomato (by weight)


1st place: Laura Sanderson, 1 lbs 7.9 oz
2nd place: Joel Jones, 1 lbs 7.7 oz
3rd place: Michelle Knight, 1 lbs 4.7 oz

There were 5 entries in this contest, the smallest of which was 15.4 ounces. The tomatoes entered were a pretty tight range of weights, with a mere two-tenths of an ounce separating first and second.

Prize breakdown, and sponsor/donor:
Prizes were, respectively a $50, $30, and $20 cash, generously donated by Algoma Farmers’ Market vendor Susan Wilding, of Wilding Acres.

Largest Zucchini (by weight)


1st place: Debbie Chapman & Kim Marshall, 12.98 lbs
2nd place: Nancy Rouble, 10 lbs 7 oz
3rd place: Jeff Marshall, 10 lbs 3 oz

There were 10 entries in this contest, the smallest of which was still a hefty 5 lbs 1 oz.

Prize breakdown, and sponsor/donor:
Prizes were, respectively a $50, $30, and $20 gift cards generously donated by Algoma Farmers’ Market vendor Jeff Marshall, of Marshall Farms.

The Algoma Farmers’ Market was very pleased with the turnout, as well as the camraderie and excitement the competitions generated in all ages of the contestants, their supporters, and the public that came to spectate.  We look forward to next year’s round of growing contests, which are held each year on the 2nd last Saturday market for the season, at the Roberta Bondar Park and Marina.

Technical Notes:
* First place in the Zucchini contest had to use a larger scale, where the person + zucchini were measured, and then the weight of the person alone.  The scale was in kilograms (and the zucchini weighed 5.9kg), so a conversion was performed to arrive at the 12.98 lbs measure.


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