The Art Gallery of Algoma Seeks Out a Bigger, More Modern Home

art gallery

Sault Ste. Marie city council will hear Monday night that the Art Gallery of Algoma is in need of a better, bigger and more modern home.

A case to move forward with plans to build a modern art gallery facility at the same location of the current building , will be presented to members of council.

The Art Gallery says a new building versus renovating the existing one makes sense and could help it become a bigger player in the tourism sector with larger galleries and more programs that come along with a new centre.

The AGA is requesting a new build of around 30,000 square feet. With aims of becoming a visual arts institution in Northern Ontario.

The original building opened in 1980. It was part of the waterfront revitalization. The single floor structure became the first permanent home for the Art Gallery. Today, the Art Gallery says the current building has out-lived its purpose and is plagued with structural issues and mechanical problems. Due to these issues, the art collection is at risk of deteriorating.

The new facility would allow to attract larger exhibitions creating a “more engaging art experiences for audiences”

The AGA says currently, the gallery is understaffed, with the lowest admission fees of the other cultural institutions in the city. The new building would require all fees to increase. The new building (in 2022 collars) would run $1.38 million to operate annually.

The AGA would also seek out capital funding opportunities to help make the new building a reality.

No dollar amount for the construction of the new centre was submitted in the plan.


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