Sunshine List Grows In Sault Ste. Marie

The annual Sunshine list for the Province of Ontario was released showing that just under 2,000 Sault Ste. Marie residents in the public sector earn over $100,000 on the public purse.

Ontario Lottery Corp President and CEO Duncan Hannay leads the list with an annual salary of $709,581. The Sault Ste. Marie based OLG also has over 600 of its employees earning more than $100,000

Public sector includes those working for the municipality , school boards, colleges, universities public health, hospitals and Judicial .

The 2023 Sunshine list includes 483 employees of the Algoma District School Board earning in access of $100,000 per year. Director of Education Lucia Reece earned over $237,000 last year. The Huron Superior Catholic District School board paid Director of Education Danny Viotto , $229,734 Viotto is leaving that job this year. 237 other employees of the Catholic board earned more than $100,000.

Sault College President David Orazietti (and former MPP for Sault Ste. Marie) earned just over $257,000 in 2023. Meanwhile Algoma University has a total of 129 on the list. President Asima Vezina earned $332,250

150 Employees for the City of Sault Ste. Marie made the list, Malcom White – former CAO tops that list with the annual salary of $228,209 while Tom Vair earned just under $200,000 . Vair was recently appointed the City’s new CAO.

Police chief Hugh Stevenson earned $223,540 and fire chief Peter Johnston earned $189,474.

Healthcare professionals amount to 444 employees in Sault Ste. Marie earning over $100,000 with pathologist Dr. Michael D’Agostino at $375,066.

Algoma Public Health has 20 staff on the list while Group Health Centre lists 15 employees earning over $100,000 in 2023. CEO Liliana Silvano earned $265,005.

Elsewhere in the Province , some of the top earners include, Five employees at Ontario Power Generation are in the top 10 earners with the province’s highest salary nearing $2 million. Kenneth Hartwick, CEO of the Crown corporation, is in the top spot again with a salary of $1.93 million.

Premier Doug Ford earned $208,974 last year. Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano earned $151,179 in 2023 down from $166,098 in 2022.


  • Craig Huckerby

    Craig Huckerby is a seasoned broadcast and media professional with over 43 years in local media. Starting in television, Craig became known as "the weather guy" on local television before pioneering internet media in the Sault. Craig is credited for bringing local television back to the Sault via the internet in 2003 with LTVNEWS.COM and was instrumental in launching and Craig has also won numerous International Film awards for director of the documentary, "Was I Next?, The Sean Cribbin Story"

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