Summit Ave Home Designated “Heritage Home”

The Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Heritage Committee is comprised of members interested in heritage conservation with expertise in a number of related fields such as local history and architecture. The members are appointed by Council and recommend to Council significant properties of cultural heritage value or interest for designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.

It’s expected that council will approve the application on Monday.

The Municipal Heritage Committee received a designation application for 54 Summit Avenue. The SSMMHC passed the following resolution at their meeting on June 7, 2023;
Resolved that the Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Heritage Committee approve the draft designation report for 54 Summit Avenue and that the report be finalized; and further that a report be brought to City Council recommending that 54 Summit Ave. be designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

The Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Heritage Committee has examined the property known as “The Gables” at 54 Summit Avenue. The Gables, 54 Summit Avenue is one of several homes built in the Summit / Borron / Fauquier area by early Algoma Steel Executives.

The house was commissioned by E.W. Shell who was treasurer at Algoma Steel from 1916-1949. They named the house “the Gables” and the original name plaque still resides on the front of the house.

The home has been owned within the same family for 3 generations and has been preserved. The family would like to ensure that it is preserved for future generations. The family has noted that the 54 Summit Ave house has been cited in architecture textbooks as an example of the Tudor half-timbered style that was used by architects by the Arts and Crafts movement.

The house was built on a double corner lot in 1928-1929 when several other homes were being built in the Summit Avenue district by other Algoma Steel executives. The homeowners note that a garage was added to the property in the 1930s and appears to have been made to resemble the home’s style.

Key Exterior Features of ‘The Gables’

  1. It is a unique example of Tudor half-timber design typical of the Arts & Crafts movement. With exceptional craftsmanship and enduring beauty, this meticulously maintained home is in its original state and contains construction techniques and attention to detail not seen in modern style
    homes such as oak trim, storm windows, steep roof pitch, round-about in yard, etc.;
  2. The bricks used are “Canadian Bark” which were typical of the era; The foundation is pink/red Jacobsville sandstone that was dredged from the Sault canal. This sandstone was used in many buildings constructed in the early 1900s in this area;
  3. The original storm windows have been maintained and any repairs have been replaced with identical parts that were specially milled;
  4. The casement windows are original throughout the house. Key Interior Features of ‘The Gables’
  5. English red oak beams in the living room; old red oak architectural woodwork throughout the first storey with prominent wood grain finished in natural stain with orange shellac;
  6. French doors;
  7. Piano window & built-in shelves in the library;
  8. A sunroom (also called a Tuberculosis room) was a classic feature of the
    Arts & Crafts movement;
  9. Built-in breakfast nook;
  10. Glass fronted cabinets;
  11. Casement and double-hung windows throughout;
  12. Baseboards and trim;
  13. Design and construction of the brick fireplace and fireplace mantel.

2 thoughts on “Summit Ave Home Designated “Heritage Home”

  1. While I know this is someone’s home, I sure would have loved to have seen some inside pictures! Good move by the family to preserve this property against any future ‘repurposing’ or ‘redevelopment’. It sure is a beautiful home on the outside!!

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