Steelworkers stage protest at City Hall

Members of about 14 different unions staged a protest late Monday afternoon outside the Ronald A. Irwin Civic Centre.

A delegation had hoped to speak at Monday night’s regular meeting of city council. They applied through proper channels but were denied.

“City council called at quarter to three (today) telling us that our issue is not related to the Ontario doctors issue, and therefore we cannot speak at City Council (tonight),” said Michelle McCleave-Kennedy, President of the Sault Ste. Marie District Labour Council.

McCleave-Kennedy says the group is frustrated with the lack of progress on the issue of the shortage of Sault Ste. Marie doctors.

“We’re here to let them know that we want some action,” said McCleave-Kennedy. “So we have let members know to please reach out to their city councillors and let their voice be heard. And we’ll be reaching out to city council (to find out) when they stopped allowing delegations to come in and speak. After all, we do elect them, and our voices should be able to be heard in City Hall.”

McCleave-Kennedy said the delegation wanted to find out what has been done regarding funding of the Group Health Centre.

“These people had put their money together to put the Group Health Centre together for our community and now our community is not coming together for these people. 

We want to know how the doctors’ shortage issue is going to be dealt with, municipally, provincially and federally.”

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