Stacked Pancake House Opens!

If you’re hungry for breakfast, Sault Ste. Marie has a new pancake house you may need to try out.

Stacked Pancake House opened this week at the Northern Ave Plaza. The Canadian chain features an all day breakfast menu plus lunch items.

It was previously reported by another online news service that Stacked would be located in a new strip plaza along Great Northern Road, this is not the case. Instead Stacked is located near the Golden Dragon restaurant. The plaza has welcomed other big name tenants recently such as Home Sense and Winners along with Princess Auto.

The new strip plaza currently under construction will also include 5 new tenants , however those tenants have not been named yet.

Stacked started in Barrie Ontario in 2017 and has since expanded to other markets in Ontario as well as Alberta and British Columbia.

3 thoughts on “Stacked Pancake House Opens!

  1. “Instead Stacked is located in the former Scotts’s coffee location near the Golden Dragon restaurant.”

    Stacked is not in the former Scott Coffee location. It is beside the former Scott Coffee location. The former Scott
    Coffee location is still vacant.

  2. This strip plaza is far from new. I am amazed that the Pizza Pizza location is still open there as their pizzas are overpriced and downright gross. I paid $34 for one and the toppings were half raw, the entire pizza was under cooked and a complete waste of money.
    That’s the trouble with most of the pizza places, they have many different part time staff that don’t care about making a consistent, decent pizza, and all of them are getting major chintzy on the toppings.
    Many businesses come and go from these plazas, it’s amazing that half of them can make a go of it with the crazy cost of the lease and the gouging PUC that milks them to death to keep the lights on, heat and cool these stores.

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