SMC Student at Queen’s Park

Josh Viermaa holds with Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano

A St. Mary’s College student recently had an up close and personal opportunity to see how the
provincial political system operates.

Joshua Viermaa, a Grade 12 student, participated in the High School Model Parliament Program from February 28th to March 1st in Toronto. Viermaa was chosen for the program, which brings together students from across the province and gives them an opportunity to experience parliamentary practices and traditions.

Joshua says his experience surpassed all of his expectations.

“Attending the Model Parliament was an incredible experience. We received a thorough tour of the building, which greatly enhanced our understanding of the legislative process. Witnessing Question Period firsthand and observing political debates was fascinating.”

“Joshua came to mind when I read about this opportunity due to his interest in history and politics. He is a mature, conscientious student and a critical thinker. Joshua worked hard on his application package, and I was pleased to write him a letter of reference, ” said Social Sciences Teacher, Patti Cook.

The students met with various members of the provincial parliament and ministers from various portfolios, including Sault Ste. Marie MPP and Government Whip Ross Romano.

“My favourite aspect of the Model Parliament Program was on its final day when we reenacted a typical day in the life of an MPP. Engaging in a mock Question Period and presenting Bill statements. It was an exciting experience to participate in lively debates, ask questions and even heckle as they do in real life,” said Viermaa.

Viermaa says the experience has reinforced his passion for politics.

“Model Parliament has strengthened my interest in politics. Although I have always been fascinated by the political process and have actively participated in many political activities, such as volunteering in federal and provincial elections and local mayoral races, being part of Model Parliament gave me first hand experience of how politics operates. It provided me with insights into the intricacies of legislative procedures.”

The Board and Huron Superior OECTA provided financial assistance to Joshua for his participation in this experience.

The High School Model Parliament Program is offered each year to students in Grades 10 through 12 across the province.


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