Skid & Snazzy Ready For Their Second Chance

Skid (male) and Snazzy (female) are still looking for their forever homes.

They are roughly 4/5 months old, and have had all 3 doses of their vaccines. They are both microchipped, dewormed and given a 30 day flea and tick preventative.

Snazzy will need her rabies shot & spay done, at the new owners expense. Skid has been neutered and had his rabies shot done through the rescue .

Skid has some sensitivity to food, so we highly advise his new owner to continue him on Authority Sensitive Stomach kibble. Snazzy is also on this food.

Since they are the last of their litter, they have become pretty bonded to each other and enjoy playing and napping together. It would be really sweet to see them go to a new home together.

They have been separated once, and they both experienced high anxiety. Since being back together, they are inseparable and stuck to each other like glue.


Interested in these two? check out the Second Chances Facebook Page

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