Should These Traffic Lights Be Removed?

The City of Sault Ste. Marie is examining traffic efficiency and safety in key areas throughout the City. The review will evaluate several solutions including signal timing, implementing dynamic signaling protocols during peak hours, and removing traffic signals deemed redundant in specific areas.

In a recent assessment of the City’s 78 signaled intersections, staff identified three primary areas for potential traffic signal removal:

  • Queen Street East and Church Street
  • Albert Street and Elgin Street
  • Albert Street and Dennis Street

During the trial phase of this project, signals at these intersections will be covered and temporary stop signs will be installed on the minor roads. This study period will enable the City to evaluate the impact on pedestrian and cyclist movement and traffic flow on surrounding side streets. Staff will then review the adjustments, considering safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

The City encourages community engagement throughout this process. Individuals are asked to complete a brief survey at Public input into this traffic study will be collected for approximately three months. Ongoing evaluations may impact the length of the study. For more information, contact the City’s Engineering Department at 705-574-1016 or email [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Should These Traffic Lights Be Removed?

  1. Traffic lights are for people’s safety Queen & Church should not be removed it has traffic coming both directions and a left turning lane going east.
    Traffics lights East to Gore should not be removed. Dennis, Bruce, Spring, Brock should not be removed to let traffic on Queen St flow. There would be a lot of accidents occuring if removed, Bay & Spring should be reinstalled.

  2. Leave Queen and Church as is. The other two could be gone. Try improving traffic flow by eliminating so much stop and start on our major roads. Go to flashing lights… like Sault Michigan after 10 p.m.

  3. Hell no. Someone will have to die before they realize it’s a horrible idea. These lights save lives every day. I think all of that poison and particulate that they are breathing from the polluting poison mill has destroyed whatever brain cells they had left.
    Just when you think they couldn’t do anything dumber, here we go again.

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