Shoemaker Reacts To Foreign Student Cap


Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Matthew Shoemaker expects council to endorse the position of Sault College regarding a cap on the number of International students colleges and universities can have.

“This decision by the federal government has not been well thought out,” President David Orazietti said earlier this week. Orazietti said it will have a major impact on the college’s budget moving forward.

“It impacts our community that’s for sure.” Shoemaker said , ” It’s a significant piece of our population attraction program to get international students here and to have them stay I’m our community through the Rural and Northern Immigration Program or through avenues like permanent residency, and citizenship ultimately, so anything that reduces the inflow of people to our community is a detriment and I think that those are conversations I’ve had with MP Sheehan. I’ve been in discussions with Sault College President (David) Orazietti over the past several days and we’re going to be supporting the college’s position. I suspect council will endorse the college’s position at the Monday meeting.”

What the news actually means to Sault College and Algoma University has yet to be determined and what criteria for the number of International students the post-secondary facilities will face.

“I think that’s to be determined. Frankly I would prefer to see a walk back of the policy to a greater degree than we are likely to see. But that’s something we’re going to be supporting the college’s position to hopefully exempt colleges that have acted properly and not taken advantage of the system to simply increase their international enrolment for revenue purposes. Shoemaker said. “We’ve tried to increase our international enrolment to provide the best education you can provide in Ontario. To provide the best quality of life for students who can experience the outdoors and get a great education at the same time a community that’s welcoming and wants to have them here, like Sault Ste. Marie.”

Sault Ste. Marie MP Terry Sheehan , defended his government’s rationale behind the cuts.

“What has happened in Canada, we looked at addressing the integrity in the educational system. Some of these international students were being courted by what I call bad actors to come over here. many of them were these private, or quasi-private career colleges, set up in a strip mall and really have no accountability. Sheehan told

“They were coming over here and we were hearing from the students that there were no supports for them. There was no housing for them, there was no food for them. They had different expectations and such, so we as the federal government look after immigration, but it’s up to the province and territories to make sure that the integrity of the colleges and universities systems are up to par.” Sheehan said.

“What we’ve done is, we’ve capped the allocation. So each province and territory will get an allotment. I’m confident that the good actors, like Sault College and Algoma University, will have a compelling case to make sure that they continue to educate and create a very productive learning environment for these international students  that then contribute to Canada and to society. International students are very important to us.  Sheehan continued.

“It seemed that the federal government was attempting to use the cap to push the provincial government to more thoroughly regulate these colleges that had taken advantage of the system as it existed. If there could have been that dialogue between the province and the federal government to try and resolve any outstanding issues without having to use this blunt-force cap that they have imposed on colleges across the country, it would have been a better outcome for communities like Sault Ste. Marie.” Shoemaker said.

2 thoughts on “Shoemaker Reacts To Foreign Student Cap

  1. Well. How many international students actually live in the Sault and attend Sault campuses of Algoma U or Sault College?
    Or do they all live in Southern Ontario and attend remote campuses that were created solely to grab higher tuitions from international students?

  2. This guy is brainless as Trudeau himself. There is no housing or near enough jobs for us let alone hundreds of thousands of immigrants regardless of why they’re here.
    Trudeau keeps it up regardless of the consequences and hardships put directly on us.
    These two clowns need to be replaced by people with some common sense and brains that function normally. A very sad situation.

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