Sayers Fails At Bid For National Chief

dean sayers

Dean Sayers hope of being elected as National Chief for Assembly of First Nations ended Wednesday . Sayers placed fourth overall. He was eliminated during the second round of voting in Ottawa.

Sayers placed fourth behind Cindy Woodhouse (Pinaymootang First Nation, David Pratt (Muscowpetung First Nation) and Sheila North (Bunibonibee Cree Nation)

Sayers kicked off his campaign on October 26, at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal Historic Site. He was grateful for the support from family and friends.

Sayers served as Chief of Batchewana First Nations for the last 20 years. He lost his seat to Mark McCoy this past summer.


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One thought on “Sayers Fails At Bid For National Chief

  1. He had his sights set a little too high when trying for that job. Time to retire and let someone younger take over.

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